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DataNet Global LLC is a full services provider and a full IT services from A to Z. DataNet Global LLC supports businesses with diverse communications services that support business productivity and continuity

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DataNet Global LLC continues to expand its vision and business operations by constantly adding new services to its extensive portfolio of solutions.

Vsat Platform

We provide Deticated & Shared Internet service, and currently working to expand the service throughout the Middle East.

03B Internet Service

Datanet Global LLC has a long term agreement with O3B to provide the newest technology of the internet service.

Fiber Optic Connectivity

DataNet Global LLC uses some of the best telecommunication devices in the world (Trango, UbiQuiti, etc…) to provide a reliable connection between two points.

RIG Movement Internet Service

Datanet Global LLC is providing rig movement including the internet service and the local area networks.

Microwave Links

Datanet rely on lead manufacturers in microwave equipment to get connectivity to farthest sites.

Layer2 Connectivity

Understanding the needs of international companies is the key success of service delivery.

Our Achievements

We Have Major Projects

DataNet Global LLC Company staff successfully earned trust of clients especially oil companies by dedication and hard work.

We Are DataNet

Keys To Our Success

The key to our success lies in our presence near business areas as well as in the readiness of our expert teams to mobilize within these areas on a daily basis to provide regular and urgent maintenance to our equipment and networks.

Full Telecom Services

We provide full services for your connection demands.

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