Datanet Global LLC has a long term agreement with O3B to provide the newest technology of the internet service,O3B is a global satellite service provider operating a constellation of 12 medium earth orbit (MEO) satellites, servicing telecommunications operators, internet service providers, and enterprise and government customers in emerging markets. O3b is short for the “other 3 billion” people that do not have ready access to the internet. Due to its close proximity to earth at 000 8 km above the earth versus geostationary orbit at approximately 000 36 km, O3b’s system combines the global reach of satellite with the speed of a fiber-optic network to provide low-cost, lowlatency, high-throughput internet and mobile connectivity to its customers

There are three ways to deliver bandwidth via satellite, each with their advantages and disadvantages. These are:

Geostationary earth orbit satellites (GEO)

Low earth orbit satellites (LEO)

Medium earth orbit satellites (MEO)

Key success factors:

Low latency compared to GEO satellites

High availability

High throughput

Low operating expenditure

Beams are steerable to provide near global uniform coverage

Optimum orbit for maximum efficiency of the fleet

The satellite configuration is easily scalable to address growing demand

O3b’s technology is inherently less susceptible to unfavorable climate interference compared to GEO/MW

O3b’s technology is referred to as Fiber Optic in the sky. The technology is considered to have the speed of fiber with the global reach of satellite.