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We Help you Connect

DataNet Global LLC is a full services provider, ISP (Internet Service Provider) and a full IT services from A to Z

Vsat Platform

We provide Deticated & Shared Internet service, and currently working to expand the service throughout the Middle East.

03B Internet Service

Datanet Global LLC has a long term agreement with O3B to provide the newest technology of the internet service.

Fiber Optic Connectivity

DataNet Global LLC uses some of the best telecommunication devices in the world (Trango, UbiQuiti, etc…) to provide a reliable connection between two points.

Network Infrastructure

Network consulting services that help companies manage their network infrastructures.

Turnkey Managed ITC Services

Gain support from certified teams of technicians, engineers, and administrators assigned to manage your account 24/7.

Internet Security & Network Services

A well-engineered wireless infrastructure tailored specifically for uptime and speed is essential for any business.

Dedicated Data Centers

We have experience in design, procure, and build a data centers that meet our client’s requirements.

IVR Tracking Services

Datanet Global LLC offers a full feature of GPS Fleet Tracking Solution, but without the costly installation charges associated with other Fleet Tracking Systems.

Web Design, Hosting & Archiving

Datanet Global LLC has like a partnership connection with some of the best Website Design, Email Hosting and Email Archiving companies

Security & CCTV Systems

We have 10 different models of DVRS and NVRs, which means that we can cater to any size or budget requirement.

Website Design

Expect corporate style design that pronounces your company image, business correspondence style and website representation

IPTV Camp Services

Our IP video distribution systems feature technologically advanced hardware that is best in class.

Communication Towers Provision

ACS Systems

The company has implemented a set of contracts concerning processing systems FA & ACS

Support & Consulting

Our teams are always ready to assist you and provide you with knowledgeable advice regarding your operating systems or technical solution you wish to integrate within your company.

RIG Movement Internet Service

Datanet Global LLC is providing rig movement including the internet service and the local area networks.

Microwave Links

Datanet rely on lead manufacturers in microwave equipment to get connectivity to farthest sites.

Layer2 Connectivity

Understanding the needs of international companies is the key success of service delivery.