About MAD in Lebanon

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Our country is full of treasures yet to be discovered and used differently. In these difficult times, we decided not to give up.
The current situation stimulated us to take action and exploit what is best in our homeland.
Our objective: honoring the best flavors the Lebanese terroir has to offer and preserving our heritage while providing a source of income to local farmers and artisans.


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“Our Philosophy”


Founder & CEO

When sharing her passion for food in TV shows was not enough anymore, that MAD brain found a better way to convey it!


PR & Communication

Her kindness makes everybody happy! It is no coincidence that she is in charge of MAD’s PR & Communication!


Executive Chef

When you have MAD and crazy ideas, you need someone to turn them into realities. He is the man!


Consultant Chef

In order to get the best products, you have to get the best consultant chef. He is the icing on MAD’s cake!

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